About the Project

The Drew Acorn Archives Project was done through the Drew Digital Humanities Summer Institute. A very special thanks to Danielle Reay and Prof. Wendy Kolmar for believing in us and our project.

Project Manifesto

In the back of the Acorn office is a dilapidated treasure trove of history where filing cabinets are stuffed with pictures, papers, and memories spanning all the way back to 1928. The library staff has officially dubbed it the “Acorn Morgue.” The Drew Acorn Archives Project seeks to resurrect the “Morgue” and reinvigorate the past near-century of Drew University history. We believe that students will think differently about their school’s vibrant and nuanced past when the papers are at their fingertips. We hope that professors of all disciplines will enthusiastically utilize these materials when doing work with primary resources. We encourage the administration to look into this school’s inspiring tradition of liberal arts, student life, and culture when making decisions about the future of the college. Lastly, let this project serve as a celebration of Drew University’s legacy and all the alumni who will be remembered through its success.

Andrew Dugan

Andrew is a rising senior at Drew University studying English and International Relations. He has been a staff writer for the Acorn in the Opinions section for two years and is interested in writing about everything from art installments in New York, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, up and coming authors, and Stevie Nicks. With the Drew Acorn Archives Project, he hopes to make Drew’s rich history a topic of conversation between students, professors, and administration.





Kassel Franco Garibay

Kassel is a rising senior at Drew University studying International Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. She has written articles about power dynamics, Latin American history, and feminism for the Acorn her past three years at Drew University and now acts as one of the newspaper’s co-editor-in-chief. Kass is excited for students to realize that their voice matters through the Drew Acorn Archives Project and that their words can carry weight not only in the present but for generations to come.







Elizabeth Schafer

Elizabeth is a rising junior at Drew University studying Art. This project is her first encounter with the student newspaper, but she has worked in the Methodist Archives for the past year. From research to creating custom art for the timelines, Elizabeth has been an integral part of this team’s success. Elizabeth is so excited for the Drew University community to discover all the history and art that has been tucked away for years through the Drew Acorn Archives Project.