Celebrating 91 years of The Acorn

“Our aim is to serve Drew in every way a paper can serve a university.”
–– The Acorn editorial staff, November 1928.  

The Drew Acorn has accompanied the university since the creation of the liberal arts college.  Whether it was in the form of a monthly paper, an experimental magazine in the 80s, or the current weekly publication, The Acorn has seen the best and the worst of Drew University for the past 91 years, and that is the value of a small college newspaper.

The best way to understand our history as a university is through the writing of those who were there, of those who were affected the most. When staff cuts are announced, students are drafted for the army, or a celebrity visits campus, it is the student voice that matters. The Acorn allows us to have a first-hand account of the biggest events on student life––as well as the small events that make up the day-to-day. Through the project of digitizing The Acorn archives, we hope not only to bring you closer to Drew’s history but to raise awareness on how valuable the student voice can be.

In 1928, a group of six Brothers College students got together and created The Acorn with the pledge of doing “all that we can to make this paper stimulating, interesting and useful, and worthy of the best traditions of Drew.” In order to do this, they extended an invitation to the rest of the school for their cooperation and interest. In making the archives of the paper available for the entire Drew community and beyond, we extend a similar invitation to you to make the paper your own and soak up the history of the Forest told by the people that know it best.

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